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Oviedo, Asturias, Spain

Life in Oviedo, Spain

Up until now, I should really talk about the city that I am staying in Spain. Oviedo is a small and old city, not a metropolitan at all. I don’t really know where to start, I had a lot of feeling when I first came. Well, Oviedo reminds me of home. All the apartments, the small/private owned shops, buses and etc. Everything in Europe is smaller than those in the US, houses, apartments, streets, supermarkets, cars etc. People walk everywhere too. I didn’t know that how much the people here smoke, it feels like everyone smokes. Also I didn’t know how late the lunch and dinner is. I tell people when I was in China, I used to eat dinner at 5 or 6, then I went to the US I changed to 7 or 8 and now in Europe I gotta change to 9 or 10pm. I’m getting used to the eating hour here, like Sonia (my host family in Spain) said, this is called immersion. Oviedo is only 20 miles away from the sea, so it’s easier to get seafood here. It also has a lot of old churches and buildings, it’s famous for Cathedral of San Salvador. Another thing about Asturias is that it produces Sidra—a beverage that is made from apple. It looks and sounds like Cider but it doesn’t taste like the Cider in the US at all. Oh, it also has 6% alcohol. Typically in this region people socialize by going to Calle Gascona, drink Sidra and eat some tapas.
The University of Oviedo was created in 1574, but only inaugurated on September 21, 1608. Anyway, it’s a lot older than Miami.
Cathedral of San Salvador
Fuente Foncalada, since 9th century

Not far away from Oviedo is the city called Gijon. It sits right on the coast and it reminds me of Dalian even more when I saw the beach there. It just looks exactly like what I used to see. Gijon has even better seafood, very fresh. Sonia and I are going there to eat some fresh seafood someday in the future, I can’t wait! And I can’t wait when it’s warmer so I can enjoy the beach more. Sadly I lost the pictures I took in Gijon, long story about my camera memory card.

Today Sonia’s boyfriend Pedro drove me, Sonia and Raeanne to El Monte Naranco. The view is great. We can see every single part of the city. We even tried to find our apartment. On this Mountain, there is a “Touchdown Jesus”—Sagrado Corazón, a Pre-Romanesque shrine—San Miguel de Lillo and another Pre-Romanesque shrine—Santa María del Naranco. The trip was short but it was good. The weather today was kind of odd which reminds me of Ohio. It was sunny in the morning, then it rained a little bit when we were at Naranco, on the way home the sun came out then later it rained again.
Behind me is the city
Me and Sonia
Sagrado Corazón with Raeanne
San Miguel Church--Where Sonia's parents got married
Santa María del Naranco

Classes have been good, it was hard at the beginning but now I can understand most of what the professors are saying. I like my phonetics class; it helps me improve my pronunciation. A lot of Spaniards have commented on my accent, they said I have more American accent than Chinese accent but my accent is much better than most foreign students who are studying Spanish here. They said I’m easy to understand. I am always happy to hear that.

I do enjoy being in Europe but sometimes I miss the US and my family.

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